10 Ways to Effectively Learn English Vocabulary | RPI College

1. Define it. Write out each word and their meanings. The act of transferring a word and its meaning to paper helps commit the information to long-term memory.


2. Draw it. Get creative! Pictures can help create a connection between a word and its definition. This is an excellent method for visual learners. Post your doodle on Instagram using #powerscore and don’t forget to tag us, we would love to see what you come up with!


3. Contextualize it. Write the word in a new sentence or two. Using words in context will help visualize and cement its meaning.


4. Type it. Type each word into a document or spreadsheet and try to define each word without looking at definitions.


5. Fictionalize it. Write a short story using 10-20 vocab words. This can help you contextualize and remember definitions on test day. Write us a comment below with the short story you’ve come up with using your vocabulary words!


6. Deconstruct it. Analyze the roots, prefixes, and suffixes to get a better understanding of the word. Learning to associate words with related words can help you solve even the toughest questions.


7. Group it. Organize commonly used vocab words so you can associate words with similar meanings.


8. Speak it. Read the word aloud and say it in a sentence. Some audio learners find it easier to retain information when its spoken. Bonus, record yourself to playback later or take it a step further and use the podcast method.


9. Share it. Ask someone if they could quiz you, listen to your short story, or let you teach them the words you’re learning.


10. Quiz it. Make your own vocab quizzes! Experts believe people learn best when they teach, so write your own quizzes and take them a week or two later.