Learning English Through Discussion


“RP Discussion” is an English speaking course for adults and young adults who are specifically interested in learning English through the oral skills of speaking and listening. This English speaking course takes students from the lower intermediate levels to more advanced competency in four levels (i.e., Lower Intermediate, Intermediate, Advanced, and Proficiency). It has a strong focus on communication skills and is centered on goal and achievement-driven lessons. This English speaking course emphasizes a rigorous speaking pedagogy that activates new language and encourages students to integrate it with intensive oral skills practice and the soft skills needed for various purposes in life including study and work.


The English speaking program has the following student benefits: 

The program will be presented in the following format.

Course & Duration (Hour) Fees (CAD)
Right Path Lower Intermediate Discussion
Open Your Mind 1 15 $165
Open Your Mind 2 15 $165
Open Your Mind 3 15 $165
Right Path Intermediate Discussion
Share Your Mind 1 15 $165
Share Your Mind 2 15 $165
Share Your Mind 3 15 $165
Right Path Advanced Discussion
Speak Your Mind 1 15 $165
Speak Your Mind 2 15 $165
Speak Your Mind 3 15 $165
Right Path Proficiency Discussion 
Master Your Mind 1                       15         $165       
Master Your Mind 2  15 $165
Master Your Mind 3  15  $165


In order to apply for the program (at any point) the following admission requirements may be used:

  • Standard or Standardized Placement Tests, such as Oxford Placement Test, Quick Placement Test or placement tests developed and standardized by the school’s instructors
  • Interviews (as a follow up for the placement test)

Upon completion of each of the terms, the successful student will have reliably demonstrated the ability to:

Lower Intermediate students will have reliably demonstrated the ability to:

  • Discuss general and common topics, such as jobs, family, sports, etc.
  • Use a limited range of vocabulary about familiar topics
  • Able to present their agreements or disagreements about familiar topics

Intermediate Level students will have reliably demonstrated the ability to:

  • Discuss a variety of topics about daily life
  • Use a variety of grammatical structures about different topics
  • Use a wider range of vocabulary
  • Challenge ideas they disagree with
  • Present their ideas in groups and justify their opinions

Advanced & Proficiency Level students will have reliably demonstrated the ability to:

  • Discuss a wide variety of topics
  • Engage in conversations with different groups of people (e.g., family members, school officials, co-workers and supervisors, etc.) in different settings (e.g., home, school, workplace, etc.)
  • Successfully challenge any ideas they disagree with
  • Present arguments and counterarguments about issues of interest
  • Identify and use formal, semi-formal, and informal language in appropriate situations
  • Use a wide range of vocabulary for the relevant purposes

Evaluation is done throughout the course: class activity, homework and assignments, progress tests, and the final exam.

A student is required to attend 80% of all sessions. In case the student has to be absent for more than 20%, they can notify the school, so that make up sessions can be arranged; otherwise, the absence is not excused. In addition to attendance requirements, students must complete 75% of the course evaluation (i.e., attendance, class activity score, progress test results, and final exam score).

Each of the 12 terms will take 15 hours to complete. Depending on the type of the term (part-time or full-time), one of the following formats will apply:

  • Part-time A: 5 weeks (3 hours a week)
  • Part-time B: 4 weeks (4.5 hours a week)
  • Part-time C: 2 weeks (7.5 hours a week)
  • Part-time D: 1 week (15 hours a week)
  • Full-time: 1 week (22.5 hours a week)
  • In-class instruction
  • Online instruction

Our “RP Discussion” course specifically focuses on improving language learners’ oral skills. This course encourages students to develop and share their ideas in a friendly environment. During this course, students learn to express their thoughts freely and challenge ideas they disagree with. The “RP Discussion” course includes four levels (Lower-intermediate, Intermediate, Advanced, and Proficiency). Each level is divided into three terms. The nature of the course requires that the materials be prepared by the teacher of the class. Therefore, no official textbooks will be introduced. At the beginning of each term, students will be given a ten-lesson handout for the course. The handouts include texts, pictures, audios, and videos. The teacher is free to add or modify the handouts for each session.

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