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English for the Workplace” is an English course for adults and professionals who intend to improve their business English competency. The English for the Workplace program has a strong focus on developing participants’ knowledge of business English skills at a more advanced levels than what they usually expect in general English courses. The course focuses on developing professional linguistic literacy in a way that they can easily overcome language barriers they encounter in workplaces. These people need to use business English in a variety of situations, such as making and responding to inquiries on the phone, composing and responding to emails and short messages, preparing periodic reports for the government and other organizations, and presenting their job in meetings and seminars. This English for the Workplace program will help them to be equipped with the linguistic knowledge they need for these situations.

The program will be presented in the following format.

Course & Duration (Hour) Fees (CAD)
English for the Workplace
Reading & Vocabulary 10 $110
Writing & Grammar 10 $110
Listening 10 $110
Speaking & Pronunciation 10 $110


In order to apply for the program (at any point) the following admission requirements may be used:

  • Standard or Standardized Placement Tests, such as Oxford Placement Test, Quick Placement Test or placement tests developed and standardized by the school’s instructors

  • Interviews (as a follow up for the placement test)

  • Certificates indicating the English language proficiency level of the student from other reputable institutions in Canada

Upon completion of this program the successful student will have reliably demonstrated the ability to:

  • Engage in small talks and short conversations at work

  • Answer telephone calls at workplace

  • Write messages and emails

  • Write letters about different work-related topics

  • Talk about challenging topics that happen at work

  • Use logical arguments to support his/her ideas at work

  • Use appropriate work-related vocabulary

  • Prepare reports and presentations

Evaluation is done throughout the course: class activity, homework and assignments, progress tests, and mid-term and final exams.

In order to get the report card and/or certificate of completion, students are required to attend 80% of all sessions. Besides, students must complete 75% of the course evaluation requirements (i.e., attendance, class activity score, progress test results, and final exam score).

The program will take 40 hours to complete. The course will be part-time in one of the following formats:

  • Part-time A: 7 weeks (6 hours a week)

  • Part-time B: 4 weeks (10 hours a week)

  • In-class instruction
  • Distance education

RPI College has designed the “English for Workplace” program to familiarize participants with the type of English professionals use in their formal and professional encounters. Selected chapters, sections, and parts will be used from the following textbooks.

  • Chan, M. (2020). English for Business Communication. Routledge Applied English Language Introductions.

  • Bradach, L. (2020). English Grammar Rules You Must Know.

  • Talbot, F. (2019). How to Write Effective Business English: Your Guide to Excellent Professional Communication. Kogan Page Limited

  • Sweeney, S. (2010). English For Business Communication. Cambridge University Press.

  • Geffner, A. B. (2016). Business English: The Writing Skills You Need for Today's Workplace. Barron's Educational Series.

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