At RPI College, there is a team of well-trained and certified teachers who use a variety of interesting, fun, and challenging techniques in their career. Our teachers have a CELTA or DELTA qualification which is awarded by the University of Cambridge – or a TESL equivalent qualification which meets the standards for teaching. They are passionate about teaching English and are observed regularly to make sure they are always improving. As part of their duties, they help to develop students' learning strategies and encourage them to become more independent learners. We believe that our teachers provide our students with the right keys for lifelong opportunities in playing a major role in changing the world.

Here in North Vancouver, British Colombia, we are proud of creating such an environment to help you learn not only the languages but also the world cultures and make friends for life. This is what we have done so far and look into future for more and more improvements.

Many of our students come through personal recommendation, while some more ambitious learners become regular students attending higher level language courses annually.

Our college has free Internet access, a students' lounge to sit and chat with other students, a collection of books available for students to use during their course, and a kitchen area. We provide additional services including accommodation, social programmes, and textbook sales.

Our students’ testimonials and visitors’ comments on how welcoming, warm, friendly, and professional our executive and teaching team are give us the adequate positive energy to do our best day by day. These feedbacks also make us proud that we are moving on the right path in helping our clients achieve their goals and dreams.

In brief, the following items can be mentioned why people prefer RPI College:


We hope you will choose RPI College in North Vancouver, British Columbia as a platform to target your dreams.

Our staff is welcoming and always willing to help you regardless of your language level.