12 Tips for Learning and Improving English Grammar | RPI College

The following are some practical solutions to help you improve your English grammar. Some learn grammar intuitively, while others struggle with tenses, clauses, sentences, and so on. Here are some tips from the team at RPI College for learning and improving English grammar.

1. Make a commitment to yourself.

Once you are ready to begin studying English grammar, stick with it until the end. It is easy to get sidetracked or distracted with everything else going on in life. If you truly want to improve your English grammar, you need to make it a priority!

2. Make sure you have a grammar book on hand.

By keeping an English grammar book, you will be able to revise what you have learned in class and reinforce what are learning or have learnt on a regular basis.

3. Use a grammar app to improve your writing.

Almost everyone has a smartphone today. Use it. Download dictionaries and grammar apps so you can use them while commuting or during free time.

4. Make sure you practice every day.

The best way to improve your grammar is to solve as many exercises as possible. RPI College’s General English courses will expose you to the correct grammar and encourage you to use it through various interesting and efficient activities. Do not forget to take notes during classes and complete all your homework before your instructor confirms your answers and explains in detail the grammar rules behind them. The mastery of English grammar also requires the acquisition of five critical skills (reading, thinking, listening, speaking, and writing). Put these skills into practice in your daily activities.

5. Do not be afraid to learn new words.

Throughout RPI College’s General English courses, our instructors encourage their students to acquire as much vocabulary as possible so they can use it both for speaking and writing. Every day in life and in your course, you will see new words everywhere. Write them down, so that you can use them again. Set a goal of learning and using 5-10 new words a day.

6. Read more in material written in English.

To improve your grammar, do not overlook this important step. Reading allows you to observe grammar in action. Pick a topic that captures your attention and explore it through books, magazines, or newspaper articles appropriate for your level of English. With each reading, you will encounter new vocabulary and grasp the writer's style and approach to grammar. If anything seems unfamiliar, do a quick search or consult your instructor for clarification. Keep in mind that when you are used to making grammatical errors, correct sentences may sound odd at first.

7. Listen to English audio.

It is not just about learning English in the classroom. You can learn English all day, every day by watching and listening to what is going on around you, whether you are on the street, taking transit, or in a supermarket. You will be amazed at how much English, and the culture of the people who use it, you will be able to pick up if you keep your ears, eyes and mind open.

8. Communicate with your family and friends in English.

At RPI College, you have the opportunity to think and speak in English exclusively while studying English. As you practice conversational English with your instructor and classmates, you will gradually begin to understand grammar rules, such as tenses, regular verbs, irregular verbs, pronouns, etc. Take these skills home with you and practice with your family and friends!

9. Watch English movies or TV shows.

A great technique you can practice while watching movies or television is called “shadowing”. Simply turn the subtitles on and recite them aloud as you are watching.

10. Use English more often.

It is important to practice writing in class and outside of class to improve your English grammar. By posting your Instagram, Facebook, or X/Twitter status in English and leaving comments and replies in English instead of your mother tongue, you can practice writing.

11. Understand the logic behind grammar rules.

A grammar rule always has a reason behind it. Write down all the grammar rules you erred in previously and figure out why a particular word or sentence is the way it is. Once you learn and understand the logic, you will rarely make the same mistake again.

12. You can ask your instructor for extra help if you need it.

Whenever you are unsure about anything, ask your instructor! All of our instructors at RPI College are more than happy to help you identify areas that you can improve on and help you develop your revision skills.