7 Smart Conversation Topics for English Learners

Learning English opens doors to exciting opportunities. But sometimes, finding things to talk about can be hard. It can feel like climbing Mount Everest, especially when you have just started learning English. But no need to worry! RPI College is here to make it easier.


We'll help you find smart English topics for conversation. These topics will not only help you to enjoy talking more with others but also improve your speaking skills as you learn. So, start with these interesting conversation topics for English learners, and soon, you won't need to think of topics to talk about. Ideas will come to you with ease. Let’s begin! 


1. Practise Your Greetings and Introductions


Starting a conversation with someone you've just met can be difficult. You might be unsure about what to say and what things you can talk about. That's where plain old greetings and introductions come in. Practise saying common phrases like "Hello," "How are you?" and "Nice to meet you." Introduce yourself, say your name, where you're from, and what you like. You can also ask the other person about themselves. These basic introductions will help you meet new people and make talking in English easier.


2. Talk About Your Day


When you can’t think you can always talk about your daily activities! Talk about your day! What did you have for breakfast this morning? Do you like to take a walk or go for a run every morning? Share these everyday bits of your life with others using expressions like "The funniest thing happened today…" or "Do you know that I…" It is also an excellent opportunity for you to practise new words and phrases and learn to talk in different everyday situations.


3. Share Your Likes and Dislikes


One of the best English topics for conversation is talking about your likes and dislikes. You can share your favourite foods, the places you like to visit, sports that you like or music you're into. You can talk about anything really! Also, remember to try and get your speaking partner to do the same. Conversations about your likes and dislikes will help you learn new words and improve your skills. It will also allow you to express yourself better with others in English.


4. Explore the City Where You’re Learning English


RPI College is located in North Vancouver, BC. If you study with us, you can explore North Vancouver and Vancouver with your classmates or people you meet there. Together, you can discover new things and learn about the local culture! Try asking your conversation partner about their favourite restaurants, secret spots, places, or special traditions. You can use phrases like "I want to try…" or "What's the most interesting thing about this city?" It’ll show that you're interested in different things and will help you make friends too.


5. Travelling Through Time with Memories


Sharing memories is one of the best conversation topics for English learners. It allows you to look back on some of the great experiences you’ve had as you continue to build your language skills. Do you remember a childhood moment or a memorable trip when you had a good time? You can talk about it and share those memories with others! Use words to talk about things that happened in the past, like "I went" or "I saw." Describe the details to paint a picture with your words. Ask your conversation partner about their experiences too! Use sentences like "Tell me about the time…" or "Have you ever been to…?" It will help both of you share your stories and get to know each other better.


6. Play the Game of "What If"


You can play a game with your conversation partner. It's like dreaming about different things that could happen. For example, if you could have a superpower, what would it be? Would you want to travel in time or be able to read minds? These kinds of questions are called ‘hypothetical questions’, and they're perfect way to continue a conversation in English! They help to get your mind working and you can practise using modal verbs like "could" and "would." You can share your own ideas and listen to others sharing their thoughts as well. It's a fun way to be creative and have fun talking to others!


7. Start a Conversation About Art


Think about things you really love, like your favourite book, movie, or song. You can talk about these art-related topics with others! Say what you like about it, using words that describe how it makes you feel, like "thrilling," "exciting," or "catchy." Also, ask your friends what they like! Use sentences like "Have you seen…?" or "What kind of music do you enjoy?" It might help you find new things you both like and become friends with people who share similar interests. Talking about art is like sharing a piece of your heart with someone else!


Bonus Tip: Don't forget the power of non-verbal communication! Even if English is new for you, your body can still say a lot. Smile as it makes people feel happy, make eye contact to show that you're paying attention, and use gestures to explain things and add clarity to your words.


Always remember that the secret to having good conversations is genuine interest and active listening. Ask more questions about what you hear, show your excitement, and don't be afraid to make mistakes. The only wrong thing you can say is nothing at all. Learning English is like going on an adventure, and every time you talk, you learn something new! So don't be shy; go out there and explore various English topics for conversation to improve your speaking skills.


If you want to take your English skills to the next level, join us at RPI College! We can help you learn this global language and introduce more fun and interesting conversation topics for English learners. Have fun on your language adventure!



Source: English Path